Make an Offer Explained

“Make an Offer” is unique to Tiles4All…


What this means is that any price quoted on the website is NEGOTIABLE!


All you have to do is:

  • Click on “Make an Offer” on any of our products
  • The live chat box will open in the right-hand corner
  • Type your message on what item you are making the offer on then the price you wish to pay for the advertised product and how many m2 you require and if you would be needing adhesives etc as well or not
  • The chat will be sent off to the manager of the chosen branch and they will check stock / pricing etc and see if they can accept or reject the offer
  • Or they will do a quote on the grade that is available be it a 1st grade or 2nd grade but see how low they can do on that for you
  • If the item is not in stock they will advise on possible alternatives that they can offer you instead
  • You will be informed of everything step by step


That’s it – quick and easy!

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