Whether you have a contractor tiling for you, or the space is a DIY project of your own, your areas measurement is particularly important. Having an incorrect measurement of the floor or wall you want to tile will either result in extra money, that could have been used for decorating the room even more or buying tiles that have just been discontinued, and you need an extra box or two. This is where the article comes in handy. A quick little maths tutorial for the newly DIY tilers.

You will need a measuring tape or a tool to help determine the rooms area, along with writing material (A pen & paper or anything to remember the measurements). Maybe an extra someone to help with the measuring tape depending on how large the surface is.



= length(l) x width(w)

= meter squared(m2)

You have now measured your room:


= 540cm x 630cm

= 5.4m x 6.3m

= 34.02m2

Next, a box of tiles will have an exact m2 coverage. Let us look at the Brown Glazed Ceramic Floor/Wall Tile. Sized at 400 x 400mm, one box will cover 1.12m2 in total. You will take your total area space of 34.02m2 divided buy the box total area space of 1.12m2.

34.02/1.12   = 30.375 boxes

You will want to round off to the highest m2, so the tiler has enough tiles, in case there has been one or two broken along the way or within the future, there is spares. You will buy a total of 31 beautiful Brown Woodlook Glazed Ceramic Tile Boxes to cover the total surface you wish to cover.

Hope this helps you understand your area before your buy.

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